I’m happy to share with you some stories from friends and clients who lived the experience of my country thru my eyes.


Dianne English. photographer. Australia

I spent the most wonderful 3 weeks with Alain Lázaro Gutiérrez on a travel/ photographic tour that  covered approximately 3000klms around Cuba.

During that time I experienced  sights inaccessible to the average tourist, Alain took us to places that were beautiful, adventurous and a photographers delight. 

His attention to detail  is 100 %, he made sure the food in every restaurant/ cafe that we ate in was safe, the accomodation he organised for us, although at times quite rustic, and this  had its own appeal, was always  clean and our hosts were warm and friendly, my  safety  was always his  priority. 

During our time with him I learnt about  his great integrity, his  honesty and the warmth of his friendship. 

I  would  travel again with Alain in a heartbeat and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a  first class tour guide and friend. 


John Cornicello. Photographer, Seattle. USA

One of the first people I met on my first trip to Cuba was our photography guide, Alain. We quickly established a friendship that continues now, 5 years later. Alain has a great attitude and great knowledge of Cuba's history. He has so many connections that made us feel very welcome everywhere we went.  For my second trip to Cuba I made sure that Alain was available to be my guide again. I hope to return to Cuba again with Alain. 


Sal D’Alia. Cinema & TV Director. New York. USA.

I honestly don't think my experience in Cuba could have been any better, Alain is not only a local but he truly LOVES his country and will show you what really Cuba is all about.
I came back to the US richer and not only because of cultural knowledge and amazing photos but I had a real friend in Havana now.


Susan Roderick. Trip Leader & Educator, The Giving Lens. Content Creator, FiLMIC Pro

Alain makes Cuba more magical. He is an open hearted person that brightens every room he walks into. I traveled across the entire island with him. He took me to restaurants owned by friends, introduced me to his culture, taught me about the music, the food, the things that matter to the Cuban people. Alain told me things only a Cuban guide would know and understand. I cannot begin to describe how much his personality added to my experience. He showed me his one of a kind country in a one of a kind way. He takes you above and beyond any ordinary tour of Cuba. I have been back to Cuba twice since that trip. I enjoy it each time. I feel that I learn to love Cuba more and more and it really has captured my heart. Even so, when I'm there, I know the experience would be so much more, if only Alain were there too.
The people you travel with will make or break any trip you take. If you have an opportunity to see, hear, taste and feel Cuba with Alain as your guide, I recommend you don't pass it up.