What is Thru Cuban Eyes?

Thru Cuban Eyes is a tour designed to meet and interact with the culture and people in Cuba from history, cooking, music and photography.

It is very difficult today to be exclusive when designing a tour. It is difficult to escape today from the common sites that explain the history of a country and even more of a small island like Cuba. That's why I'm not going to tell you that I'll take you to the places where tourists do not go, or that I'll show you the hidden and underground Cuba, that would be a hoax. But I'm going to take you from my hand to the places I love. I'm going to introduce you to my true friends, to those who are my friends before working together. I'll show you the Cuba that I love and that I'm sure you'll end up loving. I will not be the tourist guide who knows the data and dates by heart, I will be, I am, the friend who will receive you in Cuba to share what you have, all your land and your people.

My name is Alain Gutiérrez and I am a photographer. I was born in Cuba and I have lived in it all my life. I know my land from one place to another, I have traveled it complete with my camera and I am happy to share it with others. I live now in the United States but part of me is in my land.

With Thru Cuban Eyes you will know Cuba in the hands of a Cuban and with the security of fulfilling the travel requirements for the Americans. Cuba and the United States have more points in common than differences. My goal is to contribute a grain of sand in the solidification of friendship between our two peoples.