About me

Hi, I'm Alain and I am the creator of Thru Cuban Eyes.  I am a photographer and I am a Cuban.  Since 2011, I have been working in Cuba organizing and guiding programs for groups of Americans who travel to Cuba under the "Support the Cuban People" category allowed by the U.S. government.  Although I now live in the United States, I continue to share the culture and social heritage of my island. 

Many people claim to be an expert in travel to Cuba, but when you traveI with me, you are not just traveling with a Cuban expert, you are traveling with a Cuban who has lived all of his life in Cuba.  I am a lover of my country.  I believe in its people and every time I accompany a visitor in my country, I do it full of pride.  

I will not tell you that I will take you to places that have not yet been touched by tourism – that would be a lie – but I can assure you, that with me, you will experience the real Cuba.  You will meet my true friends and visit the places I love in my country.  In my travel programs, you will be in contact all of the time with the locals, you will visit their homes and meet their families, you will meet artists and business owners, you will enjoy delicious meals, you will laugh with my people, and you will dance.

Also, when you travel with me you can be sure that your experience is helping many Cubans to improve economically and work for their welfare.  My programs encourage Cubans to preserve their traditions and help them understand that the simple things of our Cuban reality are extraordinary and deserve to be conserved in order to share them with others and with future generations.

I promise you that, with me, you will not feel like a visitor to Cuba.  You will feel like my friend and I can’t wait to share my country with you


You will feel like my friend and I can’t wait to share my country with you!


Alain L. Gutiérrez

I am a professional photographer, photojournalist, and food blogger from Cuba now based in the Washington, DC area. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Havana and I have been working as a photographer and writer for more than 20 years in Havana.  I spend most of my time photographing the daily life I see around me.  I have been living in a time of great change in Cuba and now that I am in the United States I see that here too many things are changing.  Here, like there, I believe it is important to document what I see and to share it with the rest of the world.


Yes, it is still legal.  During President Obama’s administration, he issued an executive order that allows Americans to visit Cuba as long as they meet one of 12 categories. It is still legal in this administration.